Custom Pedal Cars For Kids

We specialize in Custom Pedal Cars and custom built Hot Rod strollers, pedal cars, and wagons. Everything is done by hand right here. With over 20 years experience with custom paint and fabrication, we can build your child’s first Hot Rod right. Something happens when you’re out for a cruise with your most precious new […]

Best Overflow Bathtub

When a new sewer overflow bathtub water set, which includes the drain pipe that connects the adapter to the sewer inlet of the main tub, is installed, you must also install a new adapter. Home improvement or plumbing supply stores sell full bath overflow and drain assemblies, including the overflow drain cover and adapter. When […]

Bathtub to Shower Conversion Design

Bathtub to shower conversion remodeling can be expensive and time consuming. Changing a bathtub into a shower is difficult and requires labor and time-consuming efforts. If, however, you want to try this remodeling as a DIY job, you can always achieve as you have some basic carpentry and plumbing experience. Convert a bathtub to shower […]

ideas waterfall bathtub

Bathrooms are relaxation, and correct bath accessories can maximize potential relaxation bath time. waterfall bathtub help increase soothing effect of a bath by converting typical thunderous rush of water to a soft gurgle as a wide stream of water – often run on a small disc, tray or like shape shell – falls in bathtub. […]

Amazing Clawfoot Bathtubs Ideas

The clawfoot bathtubs is one of those pieces that I feel weakness, perhaps because I know it is very difficult, if not impossible, you can get to have one, especially by the small size of the current quarter bathroom. They are of more simple look and other majestic , some are salvaged from old houses […]

Best Vertical Bathtub

The accelerated vertical integration of Brazilian cities and the decline in the size of the apartments, it is increasingly difficult to find space to install a hot tub. Therefore, a new product is making increasingly successful: a vertical bathtub, which occupies the space of a common shower and provides the same feeling of relaxation that […]

2015 cast iron bathtub

What better way to make your bathroom elegant appearance, installation of a hot iron! Let’s look at some of characteristics of cast iron bathtub. Along with attributes of it, I am sure that you would like this article shed light on gaps too. Here are some of characteristics of cast iron bathtub that make it […]

amazing vintage bathtubs

No doubt one of stars of bathrooms decorated in vintage bathtubs style, are claw foot tubs . Such baths can remind us to other classical times, so, so common in films such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. For all movie lovers vintage claw foot tubs are an object of dreams. One of […]

Best Roman Bathtub

Roman bathtub is equated with luxury bathroom. Like old bathtubs created for royalty, modern Roman baths exhibit some luxury qualities previously incorporated in antique bathtubs. A deep, elegant oversized tub is designed for an immersive experience kind spa offering massage jets often soothing, warm water. Roman baths are independent or incorporated and come in a […]

Amazing Undermount Bathtub

Bathtubs come in many types, including prefabricated units. Prefabricated bathrooms consist of fully formed Undermount bathtub designed by the manufacturers to fit into an existing framework bathtub. A variety of options exist for prefabricated baths, including hot tubs under cover and drop-in. Determine how and when you can install a hot drop-in as a cover under […]

Best Ceramic Bathtub

Ceramic bathtub – No other accessory gives a classic look to a bathroom to a hot glaze porcelain legs, but looks are not everything. While porcelain bathtubs are attractive, they are not necessarily the best option for homeowners who want the most comfortable, functional, durable and valuable bath. Modern acrylic bathtubs lack most of the […]