Custom Pedal Cars For Kids

We specialize in Custom Pedal Cars and custom built Hot Rod strollers, pedal cars, and wagons. Everything is done by hand right here. With over 20 years experience with custom paint and fabrication, we can build your child’s first Hot Rod right. Something happens when you’re out for a cruise with your most precious new […]

amazing vintage bathtubs

No doubt one of stars of bathrooms decorated in vintage bathtubs style, are claw foot tubs . Such baths can remind us to other classical times, so, so common in films such as Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. For all movie lovers vintage claw foot tubs are an object of dreams. One of […]

Best Roman Bathtub

Roman bathtub is equated with luxury bathroom. Like old bathtubs created for royalty, modern Roman baths exhibit some luxury qualities previously incorporated in antique bathtubs. A deep, elegant oversized tub is designed for an immersive experience kind spa offering massage jets often soothing, warm water. Roman baths are independent or incorporated and come in a […]

Amazing Undermount Bathtub

Bathtubs come in many types, including prefabricated units. Prefabricated bathrooms consist of fully formed Undermount bathtub designed by the manufacturers to fit into an existing framework bathtub. A variety of options exist for prefabricated baths, including hot tubs under cover and drop-in. Determine how and when you can install a hot drop-in as a cover under […]

Best Ceramic Bathtub

Ceramic bathtub – No other accessory gives a classic look to a bathroom to a hot glaze porcelain legs, but looks are not everything. While porcelain bathtubs are attractive, they are not necessarily the best option for homeowners who want the most comfortable, functional, durable and valuable bath. Modern acrylic bathtubs lack most of the […]

Handicap Bathtub Design

For people with disabilities, everyday tasks such as bathing require special effort. Fortunately there are a number of options for both showering and bathing. These options lead to different levels of mobility, varying degrees of difficulty for installation and the size of the area that must be installed unit. When choosing a drive, keep in […]

Amazing Bathtub Liners

Bathtub liners are custom sheets, molding material used to cover the existing surface of a bathtub. Often it constructed from acrylic, plastic or vinyl chloride (PVC), which are glued to the surface of the tub after proper positioning, bathtub liners may be too expensive for some people. However, they are cheaper than replacing a full […]

Best Oversized Bathtub

A oversized bathtub will retain more water and its total weight is increased. You may need to check if the floor of the installation place needs some reinforcement to support this extra weight. The oversize bathtub style chosen by most people reference is made ​​to the budget and personal preferences. Commonly commercially side finished in acrylic bathtub is called […]

Acrylic Curved Bathtub

Curved bathtub is mainly used in engineering to describe the process by which engineering components fail. The curve may also have other applications outside of engineering, but that is the main field in which it is used. The curve refers to the failure rate of various components in relation to time. This is usually expressed […]

bathtub safety rail design

Installation of bathtub safety rail is an easy project that can be completed with some basic tools. Rails can be purchased at any building supply store. Place one foot on wall where you want to install a bathtub safety rail. Once located, mark wall with a pencil or marker. If tile prevents you from finding […]

Best Cowboy Bathtub

In a sequence of “The Bravo became only” (Will Penny), Joan Hackett, before the unbearable stench exhaled by cowboy Charlton Heston, asks him if cowboy Charlton Heston used to bathe in cowboy bathtub. Heston replies that took seven or eight “Why month”. Joan question “No, a year” responds Heston, adding: “I shower before heading out […]